X-mini KAI Bluetooth Capsule Speaker

IDT Energy ,

When it comes to making savings with the use of gadgets, the X-mini KAI Bluetooth Capsule Speaker connects the music device directly through Bluetooth, negating the need for plugging it into a speaker. This leaves the device free from wires which increases its mobility. No need to plug your iPhone into a communal speaker when you go and visit friends.  Use this device’s 40mm driver which delivers “an unparalleled portable audio experience,” providing for a Bluetooth function with a wireless range of up to 10 meters as well as a built-in microphone function, providing for hassle-free conference calls.  It can also connect to a row of X-mini Capsule Speakers which results in amazing audio.  It can connect to a whole slew of smartphones, tablets and other such Bluetooth devices. With its rechargeable battery, the X-mini KAI Bluetooth Capsule Speaker is also a great way to make savings on one’s IDT Energy of other utility service provider bills.

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