Decathlon Solar Homes

Saving energy is on everyone’s minds these days. One of the more exciting areas where innovation and creativity is helping to save loads of energy is in housing design. The sun is the world’s ultimate source of all the energy which exists on earth. By harnessing the sun’s energy in new and creative ways we can save a lot on our energy bills.

One of the most promising areas with energy saving potential are solar powered homes which are designed by college students for what is known as the “Solar Decathlon.” The U.S. Department of Energy is the sponsor of this very special contest, which assesses the aesthetic appeal as well as the efficient use of the sun’s energy to create an unbeatable combination of beauty and function. Certainly, taking a look at these home designs, which are small but are 100% sun-powered, is a very interesting activity. Follow the link to Solar Decathlon Homes.

Blue Jeans & Solar Energy

If you love your blue jeans, you may have even one more reason to love them now!  Learn about the amazing discover that researchers at Cornell University have developed for building an organic molecular-scale framework that could collect solar energy.

Learn more about their research into creating solar paper and its potential for solar energy.