IDT Energy: Kill A Watt Device Helps Save Electricity

We are all trying to save money by saving electricity. This clever device will tell you the efficiency level of the appliance which you plug into it. The Kill A Watt displays in its large LCD screen the consumption, in kilowatt-hour, of the electricity that the appliance is using. By calculating this information for you in the same way that the utility company does, it is easy to see exactly how much it costs to run that appliance.

The tool can also monitor voltage and line frequency, and it can also test if an outlet is in working order. This useful device can help you decide if its time for a new, energy efficient refrigerator, or if the old one is still cost effective.

Putting Cool into Keeping Cool with IDT Energy

Nest Smart Thermostat

IDT Energy has been recommending programmable thermostats to consumers as a great, easy way to save on home heating and cooling. Now thermostats are also cool.

Tony Fadell, the designer of the iPod, has gotten into the green technologies marketplace and he has decided that something as simple, and as important as a programmable thermostat can also have an exciting, unique design.  Not only is the thermostat, dubbed Nest “something that draws attention,” as Fadell put it, but its smart too.

Nest is capable of learning the family’s habits, senses when no one is home, and atomically adjusts itself accordingly. Built in Wi-Fi also connect Nest to a home network, through which it can be controlled, including from an iPhone or Android smartphone.

Take saving energy to the latest coolest level with IDT Energy.

IDT Energy Suggests Some Kitchen Energy Saving Tips

The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the house, with lots of energy saving devices, meaning that they save humans energy. But in order to save you energy the appliances take the energy from the environment.

IDT Energy presents some ways to reduce to a minimum the amount of energy needed to run your kitchen:

  1. Fill your dishwasher to capacity before running. Research has shown that a dishwasher used this way can save 37% of the water needed if the dishes were washed by hand. So you can use the dishwasher guilt-free.
  2. There is a way to wash dishes using even less water than the dishwasher; fill one sink with soapy water and the adjacent sink with rinse water, and do not let the water run out of the faucet. Then you will use a whopping 50% of the water used by the dishwasher.
  3. Use your microwave to defrost or warm up small amounts of food instead of the stove. This can save up to 50% of the energy that the stove would use. The microwave also heats up the kitchen less, a plus in the summer.
  4. Close the fridge door right away. Decide what you want from the fridge before you open the door, take it out, and close the door. Test the tightness of the door by closing it on a one dollar bill. If the dollar pulls out easily, then the door is probably not tight enough, and cold air may be leaking out. Get it checked.
  5. Old refrigerators are big energy wasters. Consider replacing your old fridge with a new energy efficient model. Look for the Energy Star.

IDT Energy Brings You More Energy Saving Ideas

Watch this informative and clear video for some simple ideas on what you can do now to begin saving energy at home and at the office.

IDT Energy Savings Ideas You Can Do Now

IDT Energy believes that it is possible for families to enjoy substantial savings on their
energy bill by incorporating just a few simple ideas into their household energy use.

Take a look at this video to learn about some of these easy to implement energy
saving ideas from IDT Energy.


IDT Energy Suggests Saving Should Be a Family Project

IDT Energy believes that saving energy can become a family project which teaches appreciation of our precious natural resources, educates about where our energy comes from, and gets the family united to achieve a worthwhile goal.

So where to begin? Begin with a plan.

1.    Turn off lights when not in use.
2.    Use the new energy saving light bulbs called CFLs.
3.    Turn off computers.
4.    Use power strips to make turning off lots of equipment easy.
5.    Shut off entertainment systems and other devices when not in use.
6.    Whenever possible use natural light, heating and cooling.
7.    Unplug the phone’s battery charger when not in use.
8.    Try to purchase Energy Star appliances whenever possible.
9.    Understand digital programmable thermostats and use them.
10.    Think about home improvements which will help make your home more energy efficient, like insulation, calking, roof repair and more; and then go do them.

IDT Energy suggests that you  get a check list to hang on your refrigerator as a reminder to you and your family to always try to save energy.

Washing Dishes the Energy Saving Way: IDT Energy

If anybody tells you that using a dishwasher wastes water and energy, you can assure them that, depending on how you use your dishwasher that is simply not true. There are several things that you actually save by using the dishwasher rather than washing your dishes by hand.


Are you surprised? Don’t be. If you only use your dishwasher when it is completely loaded up, the amount of water used will actually be less than if you washed each of those dishes by hand. One researcher found that the difference comes to 37% less water.


For many people, time is money. Certainly in today’s world of two parents away from home all day at work, the time spendt washing dishes by hand could better be used enjoying the company of family and friends, plus numerous other chores which must be done.  As a time-saving device, the dishwasher rocks.


Yes, a dishwasher does use more electricity than washing by hand, but as appliances become more efficient, you might be surprised at how little electricity the dishwasher really needs. After all, most of the electricity, about 80% used by the dishwasher is for heating the water. Whether you hand wash or machine wash, hot water still needs to be made. Also be sure to look for the Energy Star label to ensure you are purchasing the most energy efficient appliance around.

IDT Energy urges consumers to carefully pick appliances best suited to their family’s needs and lifestyles, and be energy smart.

Quick Energy Saving Tips with Your Indoor Lights: IDT Energy

Certainly, every little bit counts when you’re trying to save money.  One easy way to cut corners is to take a look at your energy bill and to try to make some changes. Whether you use IDT Energy or another provider, there is always a way to reduce your bill a bit more and to cut down on your energy costs.

Take lighting for instance.  A typical household dedicates 11% of its energy budget to lighting.  You can reduce these costs by 50-75% with a few key adjustments.

Here are a few ways to make your indoor lighting choices more cost effective:

  1. Use fluorescent lamps rather than incandescent bulbs.  They last 6-12 times longer and they are of high quality.
  2. Buy ENERGY STAR products whenever you can.  You’ll save as much as $30 in electricity costs over the lifetime of each and every bulb.
  3. Install dimmers and timers that help you to save on electric costs by turning lights off when they aren’t in use.  Simmers allow you to lower your light levels, thus saving money.
  4. If you plan to remodel, look for recessed downlights, called “cans” that are rated for contact with insulation. They are IC rated.
  5. Make sure your home optimizes for natural light. Purchase light curtains, paint rooms with light hues and keep blinds open to let in natural light.

How Products Earn the ENERGY STAR Label

Certainly, most products want to have the ENERGY STAR label. This label means that they are more efficient, that they will save consumers money, and that they are better for the environment.  The EPA has established specific guidelines that products must meet in order to get the ENERGY STAR label.

These guidelines include key principles.  The product needs to show that it contributes significant energy savings to people throughout the country.  The products need to show that they can deliver great features and performance, and not just increased energy efficiency.  Assuming the product costs a bit more than a less-efficient counterpart, the efficient product needs to be able to show that purchasers will recover their investment with a decrease in their utility bill within a reasonable amount of time.

The energy consumption and performance has to be able to be measured and verified with testing.  Certainly, many companies such as IDT Energy want to save customers money on their bills, and the ENERGY STAR label is one of the many ways to do so.

Summer Savings on Your Energy Bill

With summer around the corner, it’s important to start thinking about saving energy and costs.  During the warmer weather months, there are a number of ways that you can save energy by making smart purchases and by being creative.  Here are a few suggestions to get you started whether you use IDT Energy or another company.

If you’re buying an air conditioner for the summer months, look for one with the ENERGY star label.  They are the most energy efficient models that you’ll find, enabling you to cool the house for less money.  A new air conditioner can actually reduce your cooling costs by as much as 20% when compared to an older unit.

While most people don’t realize this, the location of the room air conditioner actually makes a difference.  Try to keep your room air conditioner out of the sun.  Room air conditioners work the best when they are kept cool.  Usually, the best place to install one is on the north-facing wall.

These tips should help you to begin your summer electricity preparations.  Keep it cool while saving money!