IDT Energy Asks: Have You Thought of Switching to Natural Gas?

There are several great reasons to consider switching from oil to natural gas as a way to heat water and run other appliances:

Natural Gas Efficiently Dries Clothes

•    As oil prices climb, natural gas looks more and more cost-effective as a means to heat water and run other appliances.

•    Oil must be paid for in advance, while natural gas in only paid for after use, and only as much as you use, no more an no less.

•    No oil deliveries needed, the gas is constantly available through the gas line that is permanently attached to your home.

•    Natural gas is plentiful, right here in the United States. About 2/3 of our oil supply comes from outside the country. Analysts believe there is about 100 years’ worth of gas right here at home.

•    Natural gas is the method of choice whether you are heating your home, heating water, cooking, and/or drying clothes.

For all these reasons and more, IDT Energy believes consumers should consider making the switch from oil to natural gas.

IDT Energy Savings Ideas You Can Do Now

IDT Energy believes that it is possible for families to enjoy substantial savings on their
energy bill by incorporating just a few simple ideas into their household energy use.

Take a look at this video to learn about some of these easy to implement energy
saving ideas from IDT Energy.


Winter Energy Saving Tips: IDT Energy

Winter is arriving rapidly, and it is a little known fact that the cold weather can greatly affect your electricity bill. Companies such as IDT Energy can testify to the fact that proper use of appliances and a few quick home repairs can make this season much less expensive.

First, get a programmable thermostat. Used properly, it can reduce temperature regulation costs by up to 10%. Set it at 20?C during the day and 18 when you’re sleeping or away. Second, regularly check the weather- stripping throughout your house. Drafts can increase your energy use by up to 30%. The winter months tend to be darker, and so more electric light is used throughout the daylight hours. Switch your incandescent light bulbs with fluorescent ones, as they use less energy and last longer. Lastly, make sure to close the doors to all the rooms that are not being used, as well as closets. The heat is easily wasted.

Saving Energy While Getting Your Clothes Clean: IDT Energy

Even while doing your laundry, you can learn key ways to save on your energy use.  Believe it or not, 85-90% of the energy that you use while washing the clothes is for heating the water.  If you do cold water washes and rinses, however, you’ll save a tremendous amount of this electricity. Whether you’re using IDT Energy or another energy supplier, you’ll have real savings with these tips.

Use your washing machine after 8pm, when the electricity demand is lower and make sure to only use the water level that you really need for the load you are doing.  Only do the laundry when you have a full load and consider purchasing a smaller machine if you usually find that your laundry loads don’t fill the machine completely.

If you’re in the market for a new machine, look for one that is ENERGY STAR qualified, as it can reduce water use by almost 45% and energy use by about 65%.

Hot Water Saving Tips: IDT Energy

Learn some specific ways to decrease your hot water use, and to save money each month on your electricity bill.  Whether you use IDT Energy or another company, these tips should help you to conserve hot water and to reduce your bill, even if only by a small amount.

Certainly, taking a shower takes less water than does taking a bath.  You can save even more hot water in the shower by using a low-flow shower head.  Make sure to turn your faucets all the way off when you finish using them and attach an aerator to the end of each faucet to reduce the flow rate of water by up to half.

Do your household cleaning with cold water – your floors do not need hot water to look clean!

Sustainable Neighborhoods & Going Green: IDT Energy

Here’s an interesting piece about creating energy efficient neighborhoods and sustainable community spaces.  Certainly, not every neighborhood in America is going to quickly take up the challenge.  At the same time, by starting to think about going green with IDT Energy and Green Energy, or by finding ways to save on your electricity bill, you’ll be starting to do your part.

Blue Jeans & Solar Energy

If you love your blue jeans, you may have even one more reason to love them now!  Learn about the amazing discover that researchers at Cornell University have developed for building an organic molecular-scale framework that could collect solar energy.

Learn more about their research into creating solar paper and its potential for solar energy.

Teaching Kids about Saving Energy

It’s never too early to teach your children about energy conservation. This cute and informative video helps kids to understand what ENERGY STAR rated products are, what incandescent light bulbs are and what distinguishes them from compact fluorescent bulbs.

Certainly, there are many ways to work to save money on your electric bill, from switching to IDT Energy or another well priced source to using ENERGY STAR labeled bulbs. Learn more and start saving today!

Going Green like Wal-Mart & Others

Here is a very interesting article showing how even Wal-Mart is going green!  According to the blog post, Wal-Mart has taken huge strides lately to use renewable resources –and even to encourage their suppliers to focus on going green.  Read more about their efforts – it just might inspire the rest of us to reduce our carbon footprint!

Outdoor Energy Saving with IDT Energy

sunshineWith the longer days and lighter nights, there are some great ways that you can save on your energy bills during the summer months.  IDT Energy wants you to enjoy your summertime fun – and to save money where you can doing so.  Here are quick tips for energy conservation.

Did you know that gas lawn mowers cause more air pollution and smog than do electric mowers?  Look into purchasing an electric lawn mower and enjoy the quieter experience while saving the environment.  While a gas-powered leaf blower gets the job done in your garden, so does a broom in the driveway and a rake in the yard.  They will save you money and offer your neighbors some added quiet.

Make sure to adjust your thermostat so that you aren’t pumping warm air into the house unnecessarily and adjust your outdoor timers to reflect the longer daylight hours.