New York’s Great Appliance Swap Out


At IDT Energy we are always looking for ways for our customers to save more: more energy and more money on their utility bills. One great way to realize a lot of savings is by participating in the “New York Great Appliance Swap Out.” the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority is making a special effort this Earth Day to encourage New Yorkers to “Buy Green to Save Green.”

This initiative has already provided almost $13.6 million in help to over 125,000 New York residents to reduce their energy expenses. There is now $3.2 million available to New Yorkers who are interested in replacing their old, energy wasting appliances with models which are brand new, energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

The Swap-Out works by giving consumers up to $555 as a rebate towards their purchase of high efficiency refrigerators, freezers, washing machines and dishwashers. Funding is made available through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA.) All funds will be allocated by the end of the year, and consumers can keep track of how much funding still remains by going to

“New Yorkers can honor Earth Day well past April 22nd by participating in the Great Appliance Swap Out,” said Francis J. Murray, Jr., President and CEO of NYSERDA.

“This program gives consumers the opportunity to replace their old, inefficient appliances with energy-efficient models that will help reduce our carbon footprint, all with the added benefit of a cash rebate. High efficiency appliances conserve energy, lower energy costs, and lessen the impact energy can have on the environment.”

Washer Dryer Savings Tips from IDT Energy

The largest expense of running a washing machine is heating the water. The majority of time your clothes will be just as clean after washing in cold water as washing in warm or hot water. If you do have a lot of extra dirty clothes on hand, it is more efficient to pre-soak them in warm water and then wash them in cold, saving lots of warm water which is just not necessary to use.

Do you find that your dryer just doesn’t try as quickly as it used to? This is most certainly a problem caused by an over accumulation of lint. Always check the lint trap and clean it after every load you dry. Also check the dryer’s exhaust for lint that could be blocking the efficient exiting of the hot, humid air to the outside. This simple rule can save you lots of energy, time and money.

hot sunAn even better idea is to hang your clothes to dry when the sun is shining outside. This ancient form of solar energy is free and abundant and will even give your clothes a nice “outdoorsy” smell. Yes it is time consuming, but maybe you would like to get some fresh air and enjoy the warm sunshine, and the great garden smells while at the same time saving quite a bit of energy and money.

Research and Price Comparison Can Save You Money

There are two parts to saving money getting the household chores done. The first part is purchasing the right appliance at the right price, and the second part is using that appliance in the most efficient way possible.

When you are in the market for a new appliance, whether it is a new refrigerator, microwave or dryer, it is important to do the research ahead of time. Nowadays with computers so handy, it is easy to check on which appliances are best suited to your needs, which are the most reliable, and which use energy most efficiently. When you have narrowed down your search to a particular brand name and model, then you can shop around for the best price on this appliance. You can also do this research on-line, or you can call local stores and compare prices. Remember to include the cost of running the appliance into your calculations.

Even if an appliance costs more, if it is more energy efficient it will end up costing you less over the long run. For an appliance that you will own and use for many years, this difference can add up to a lot of money.

EnergyStarLogoTo insure energy efficiency in your appliances, make sure they have the EnergyStar Logo.  If you find the more energy efficient appliance is too expensive for your budget, ask the salesman if they have the same product in last year’s model. This way you will be getting basically the same appliance, but at a reduced price. Don’t forget to include the kind of service the store will provide if problems should arise. For many people it is worth it to spend more money in a store that offers better service than a discount store which sends you somewhere else if there are problems.

Clean Clothes, Money Saved

There are many easy and quick ways to save money without even feeling the changes. One such way is to wash your clothing differently. Using just a few new strategies, you can save on your energy bill; a goal that IDT Energy certainly has for its customers.

Make sure to separate out your laundry so that you aren’t drying light weight laundry with heavier items. The heavier items take longer to dry, and you’ll be using more energy than necessary by combining the two. Maintain your dryer to run effectively and efficiently.

After every load of laundry, clean the lint filter. This helps with air circulation and makes the dyer work more efficiently and quickly. Occasionally, you should check the dryer vent and the vent hose to make sure they aren’t blocked and that they are letting air flow without obstruction.