Genie Energy and its Subsidiaries

IDT Energy , ,

Genie Energy stock has increased by more than 70% over the last year. In a recent article for Seeking Alpha, a trader discusses the company. One of Genie’s subsidiaries is IDT Energy.

According to the article, IDT is “a stable cash flow business that generates about $25 million in annual EBITDA and all the revenues ($230 million in revenues in 2012) at GNE currently… IDT Energy made $25m in EBITDA in 2012, up 27% year over year. I would note that the company is investing significantly to grow this business but all the “investing” costs are in sales and marketing and are expensed fully in the quarter incurred, thereby, reducing the reported earnings of this entity while they grow it, yet they still made $25m in EBITDA in 2012.”

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