Hot Water Savings Tips

Now that winter is here, the energy costs are likely climbing due to use of heat, hot water, and more. Companies like IDT Energy would agree that not all of the costs are necessary; you can cut back slightly on your bills if you follow these few tips:

1.       Although you want nothing more than to relax in a hot, steaming bath after a cold winter day, doing so will cost you more for both the heating of the water, and the water itself. Showers use up less hot water than do baths.

2.       Install an aerator to the end of your shower head to reduce water flow by up to half. Also, make sure to turn the faucet all the way off when you are done using them.

3.       Don’t bother mopping and cleaning the house with hot water. Save the hot water for your showers, and lower your heating bill. Your house will look and feel clean even if you use soap with cold water.

Winter Energy Saving Tips: IDT Energy

Winter is arriving rapidly, and it is a little known fact that the cold weather can greatly affect your electricity bill. Companies such as IDT Energy can testify to the fact that proper use of appliances and a few quick home repairs can make this season much less expensive.

First, get a programmable thermostat. Used properly, it can reduce temperature regulation costs by up to 10%. Set it at 20?C during the day and 18 when you’re sleeping or away. Second, regularly check the weather- stripping throughout your house. Drafts can increase your energy use by up to 30%. The winter months tend to be darker, and so more electric light is used throughout the daylight hours. Switch your incandescent light bulbs with fluorescent ones, as they use less energy and last longer. Lastly, make sure to close the doors to all the rooms that are not being used, as well as closets. The heat is easily wasted.

Heat Saving Ideas for the Winter from IDT Energy

In our last post IDT Energy discussed ways to get the heat into your house in a cost saving manner, such as exposing your home to daytime sunshine, lowering your thermostat and installing a programmable thermostat.

Here are some ideas on how to keep the heat you’ve paid so dearly for to stay inside where it belongs:

  • When is the last time you checked the insulation in your attic? How about your ceilings, exterior walls, basement walls, crawl spaces and floors? Make sure the insulation is adequate for the climate that you live in. New York can have extremely harsh winters, and good insulation can make a huge difference in your heating costs.
  • Check for air leaks around windows and doors, then use caulk and weather stripping to seal them.
  • Be sure to replace the filters on your furnace regularly to keep the warm air flowing into your house efficiently.
  • IDT Energy wishes you and your family a wonderful warm winter in New York.

IDT Energy Suggests Winter Ways to Save

winter-wind-blowing-bwWinter in New York is always wonderful. However it can be a challenge to stay warm and cozy without breaking the bank. IDT Energy has some helpful tips to maintain a comfortable and affordable New York winter.

When considering how to control heating costs, its best to take the broad view of the entire house:

  • •    During the day the sun is in the south. By keeping the south facing curtains and drapes open, the sun will shine in and help keep your house warm. Don’t forget to close the drapes at night to keep out the cold chill that can come into the house through the glass.
  • •    Consider turning down your thermostat a bit. Try to maintain comfort at a lower temperature.
  • •    Even better than merely turning down your thermostat, install a programmable thermostat. This handy device can raise the temperature in your home when you are there; lower it when you’re not; and maintain another temperature when you are asleep, all completely automatically. You can actually reduce your heating bill by 10% by just lowering the temperature on your thermostat from 72 degrees down to 65 when you are sleeping or out of the house.