IDT Energy Asks: Have You Thought of Switching to Natural Gas?

There are several great reasons to consider switching from oil to natural gas as a way to heat water and run other appliances:

Natural Gas Efficiently Dries Clothes

•    As oil prices climb, natural gas looks more and more cost-effective as a means to heat water and run other appliances.

•    Oil must be paid for in advance, while natural gas in only paid for after use, and only as much as you use, no more an no less.

•    No oil deliveries needed, the gas is constantly available through the gas line that is permanently attached to your home.

•    Natural gas is plentiful, right here in the United States. About 2/3 of our oil supply comes from outside the country. Analysts believe there is about 100 years’ worth of gas right here at home.

•    Natural gas is the method of choice whether you are heating your home, heating water, cooking, and/or drying clothes.

For all these reasons and more, IDT Energy believes consumers should consider making the switch from oil to natural gas.