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Free Energy Saving Tips

Saving energy has many benefits. There are many ways to  use energy more efficiently at home. Here are some simple, free ways you can manage your energy consumption:

  • Run your heating for just one hour less every day
  • Keep the air flow vents on your electric heaters clean
  • Turn down your thermostat by one degree
  • Shut out the night and keep in the heat, but make sure you don’t drape your curtains over radiators as this sends heat straight out of your windows
  • Don’t set the thermostat too high – 60°C/140°F is fine for a hot bath or wash
  • Take a shower – it’s faster, cheaper and more efficient than your bath
  • Put the plug in – running that hot tap costs money and wastes water
  • Fix that drip – leaks waste a lot more water than you think

Top Summer Energy Saving Tips from Tallahassee

The City of Tallahassee Utility Services recently offered summer energy saving tips for every household. Here are the top ten:

  • Close shades, drapes and blinds during the day
  • Wear lightweight clothing
  • Set the air conditioning  thermostat at 78 degrees or higher
  • Don’t choose a lower air conditioning temperature when you first turn it on
  • When weather is mild, use fans instead of the air conditioner
  • If you have ceiling fans, run the fans and the air conditioner at the same time
  • Use a microwave instead of the range/oven
  • Keep windows and doors closed while air conditioning
  • Change the air conditioner’s air filter monthly during heavy use
  • Arrange items in your refrigerator for quick removal and return