Monthly Archives: February 2013

Efficient Energy Saving with Energy Star

Becoming more energy-efficient is a great way of helping the environment and reducing bills.  One way of doing this is ensuring home appliances are replaced at the right time – not too early when they don’t require replacement – and not too late, when they are well past their efficiency date. The average yearly energy bill – whether with IDT Energy or any other utility service provider – is approximately $2,200.  About 13 percent of that figure goes on large appliances (not including electronics).

It is also advisable to trade in old appliances that are no longer using energy efficiently, with new ones that have the Energy Star certification. These help to boost both energy and financial savings and are kind to the environment.  By swapping a washing machine that predates 1994, with an Energy Star-rated model, a family can save $110 in their yearly energy costs. So it makes sense to keep an eye on appliances and their efficiency.