Monthly Archives: June 2012

Enhancing Energy Efficiency

It is always a good idea to seek out new ways of improving energy efficiency.  Irrespective of what utility provider one uses – IDT Energy or any of the others – saving money on utility bills is always attractive.  So the recent news of the availability of more efficient air conditioners, should make for happy budget-conscious individuals.  In addition, apart from saving one money, it can also make for a more comfortable environment; reduce greenhouse gasses and the impacts of climate change; and can even increase the value of one’s property.

Indeed, keeping an older air conditioning system, can actually cost one an additional $100+.  So it might be worth either replacing it, or looking at the newer models that boast greater efficiency.

Considering Energy Options

In a recent op-ed article, CEO of IDT Energy, Geoffrey Rochwarger, encouraged consumers to look at their different utility options, today.  He said, “During the spring, with the winter behind us and the summer season approaching, it is the perfect time for consumers to carefully consider their energy options. During this period, consumers will undoubtedly be offered a wide range of plans by independent energy suppliers. The best advice for consumers is vigilance. Do your homework, understand what these representatives are offering, and most importantly, understand why using a variable rate agreement may be far more financially wise for you than a fixed-rate contract.”

After all, the better-informed one is, the better-equipped they are to make the best decisions for them.