Monthly Archives: May 2012

IDT Energy and RECO

In the summer of last year, IDT Energy enrolled its first Rockland Electric (RECO) customers in New Jersey. RECO serves over 60,000 residential customers in south New Jersey.  Once electricity was deregulated in the state, RECO ceased being a full service electricity company (generation, transmission, and distribution) and became a transmission and distribution company.  Thus RECO just delivers electricity to its customers at delivery charges (transmission and distribution rates) regulated by the state of New Jersey Board of Public Utilities.

RECO is able to offer default service – its basic generation service – to customers who do not choose their own electricity supply company.

NJNG and IDT Energy Contract

New Jersey Natural Gas (NJNG) is the chief subsidiary of New Jersey Resources (NJR) that offers stable, high quality natural gas and energy services in the following areas: asset management; distribution and transportation.  NJR maintains and invests in expansive infrastructure through supporting future growth in all its products and services.   Already today though, the company boasts more than $2.5 billion in its yearly revenues; while supervising the operation of 6,700 miles of natural gas transportation and distribution infrastructure, serving almost half a million customers.  NJR is also involved in the creation and maintenance of a diverse portfolio of over 777,000 dth/d of transportation capacity and 52 Bcf of storage capacity.  Around 150,000 businesses and homes currently receive appliance installation, contract and repair services from the company too.  Just last September 2011, IDT Energy enrolled its first New Jersey Natural Gas customers (NJNG).