Monthly Archives: November 2011

IDT Energy Compares Light Bulb Efficiency

IDT Energy invites you to watch this informative video comparing the energy efficiency of a variety of lightbulbs.

IDT Energy: Kill A Watt Device Helps Save Electricity

We are all trying to save money by saving electricity. This clever device will tell you the efficiency level of the appliance which you plug into it. The Kill A Watt displays in its large LCD screen the consumption, in kilowatt-hour, of the electricity that the appliance is using. By calculating this information for you in the same way that the utility company does, it is easy to see exactly how much it costs to run that appliance.

The tool can also monitor voltage and line frequency, and it can also test if an outlet is in working order. This useful device can help you decide if its time for a new, energy efficient refrigerator, or if the old one is still cost effective.