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Saving Energy- The Easy Way

Saving energy is a hot topic today, and while many people are aware of the importance, they find it hard or inconvenient to really take the time to change their energy-using habits. Many energy companies, such as IDT Energy, would be glad to help you reduce energy use and costs in your home.

One great way to minimize energy use in your home is to just make sure that everyone is aware of the issue. There are many simple things that you and your children can do to save energy and lower your electric bill at the same time. is a great website that helps you do just that. Their site lists 10 easy, simple rules that you can print out and tape on the fridge. You can also just discuss the ‘energy action plan‘ with the members of your household one night at dinner.

The list includes simple reminders like:

“1. Turn off the lights,

2. Use energy saving light bulbs,

3. Shut off computers, and

4. Use “smart” power strips.”

IDT Energy is an ESCO

ESCOs Help Consumers Save

ESCO stands for “Energy Service Company.” When the power supply utility companies in New York were deregulated, ESCOs, including IDT Energy, came into being. Competition was introduced into an area which was essentially populated with monopolies which had government protection as well as regulation.


With deregulation came the competition which allowed prices, and services to bring in customers, hopefully encouraging the quality of services provided as well as helping to keep costs competitive.

Under this system energy service is divided into two parts, the supply of energy and its delivery. IDT Energy offers a “Switch and Save” program which allows consumers to choose IDT Energy as their supplier, while their local utility, such as Con Edison, remains in charge of power delivery.

Consumers are not compelled to switch to an ESCO, but in many cases, as when switching to IDT Energy, it is possible to save money on the monthly bill for electricity and natural gas.