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Understanding Energy Deregulation: IDT Energy

Many people throughout the United States now have the opportunity to choose their energy provider.  Companies like IDT Energy can offer them savings on their electricity bills and offer them choices that they’ve never had before.  But how does deregulation work and what does it mean?

The deregulation of electricity supply actually began in the late 1990’s with Pennsylvania and California as the first two states to offer consumers a choice with alternative electric suppliers.  Now, more than 16 states allow for electricity choice, including New York, New Jersey and many others.

This means that, within these states where there is deregulation, each customer has choices about who should be their electricity supplier.  Each supplier can offer alternative rates and energy products.  Certainly, one appealing advantage to this system is that there is more competitive pricing.  Citizens can feel that they have a choice in this area and can select the electricity supplier that they feel will best serve their needs.

Hot Water Saving Tips: IDT Energy

Learn some specific ways to decrease your hot water use, and to save money each month on your electricity bill.  Whether you use IDT Energy or another company, these tips should help you to conserve hot water and to reduce your bill, even if only by a small amount.

Certainly, taking a shower takes less water than does taking a bath.  You can save even more hot water in the shower by using a low-flow shower head.  Make sure to turn your faucets all the way off when you finish using them and attach an aerator to the end of each faucet to reduce the flow rate of water by up to half.

Do your household cleaning with cold water – your floors do not need hot water to look clean!