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Decathlon Solar Homes

Saving energy is on everyone’s minds these days. One of the more exciting areas where innovation and creativity is helping to save loads of energy is in housing design. The sun is the world’s ultimate source of all the energy which exists on earth. By harnessing the sun’s energy in new and creative ways we can save a lot on our energy bills.

One of the most promising areas with energy saving potential are solar powered homes which are designed by college students for what is known as the “Solar Decathlon.” The U.S. Department of Energy is the sponsor of this very special contest, which assesses the aesthetic appeal as well as the efficient use of the sun’s energy to create an unbeatable combination of beauty and function. Certainly, taking a look at these home designs, which are small but are 100% sun-powered, is a very interesting activity. Follow the link to Solar Decathlon Homes.

IDT Energy Suggests Blowing the Heat Away

IDT Energy understands that in the summer it is possible to spend much more on electricity than at other times of the year. In New York especially there is a great need to run air conditioning units day and night, trying to keep as cool as possible during the humid and hot summers which New york is so famous for. IDT Energy presents here some tips to keeping things cool while still using less electricity.

1.    Come the evening it is often cool enough to turn of the a/c and turn on a fan. Let the cooler air blow on you to cool you down. Try both ceiling fans and floor based fans. They use a fraction of the electricity that air conditioners use, and may be just the thing to keep you comfortable.

2.    Banish hot air. Use exhaust fans in the kitchen to get that extra hot air out of the house. If there is no exhaust fan, just put a floor fan in the kitchen and let it blow while you are cooking. It will help keep the cook cool while blowing the hot air out of the kitchen.