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IDT Energy Summertime A.C. Tips

Summertime is here and IDT Energy is making it possible for its customers to stay cool even on the hottest days by supplying the electricity that is needed to power the huge number of air conditioning units which are keeping people cool through-out New York City.

Because of the heat and humidity which characterizes a typical New York city summer, air conditioners have a hard time running efficiently, but here are a few steps people can take to get the best out of their air conditioners.

1.    Don’t meddle with the thermostat.  Set your thermostat to 78 degrees, and don’t be tempted to lower it in order to cool the house down faster. It won’t help. If anything, raise the thermostat a few degrees when you leave the house. Even better, get a programmable thermostat and only have the a/c turn on when you are about to come home.

2.    Draw the curtains during the day so the hot sun’s rays don’t enter the house. Especially if no one is home and there is no need for natural light to see by, closed curtains can help keep your home much cooler.

More tips next time.

Sustainable Neighborhoods & Going Green: IDT Energy

Here’s an interesting piece about creating energy efficient neighborhoods and sustainable community spaces.  Certainly, not every neighborhood in America is going to quickly take up the challenge.  At the same time, by starting to think about going green with IDT Energy and Green Energy, or by finding ways to save on your electricity bill, you’ll be starting to do your part.

Blue Jeans & Solar Energy

If you love your blue jeans, you may have even one more reason to love them now!  Learn about the amazing discover that researchers at Cornell University have developed for building an organic molecular-scale framework that could collect solar energy.

Learn more about their research into creating solar paper and its potential for solar energy.

IDT Energy Suggests Energy Saving Products

At IDT Energy we are continuing to explore the many ways it is possible to save energy. The usual focus on saving energy and saving things in general, is to be careful and only use what is needed. We are striving for a conscious effort to reduce waste. We do this when we turn the lights out when we leave a room, or shut off the TV when no one is watching it.

Another approach to saving is less at the user level and more at the product level. In other words, are there products we can use which by their very use help us save energy. A good example of this might be a hybrid car, which gets great gas mileage, not because the driver drives differently, but because the product works differently.

Another example of a product which can save energy merely through its use are heat reflective paint additives, or “pre-mixed” heat reflecting paints. When the special ceramic paint additive powder is mixed into regular paint, the combination creates a ‘radiant barrier’ insulating whatever it is painted on, helping to keep whatever is in, in, and whatever is out, out. So in the summer, the cool air that you paid so dearly for when you turn on your air conditioner tends to leak out of the house less, and the hot air and sunshine beating on the house is reflected off the house by this special paint.