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Research and Price Comparison Can Save You Money

There are two parts to saving money getting the household chores done. The first part is purchasing the right appliance at the right price, and the second part is using that appliance in the most efficient way possible.

When you are in the market for a new appliance, whether it is a new refrigerator, microwave or dryer, it is important to do the research ahead of time. Nowadays with computers so handy, it is easy to check on which appliances are best suited to your needs, which are the most reliable, and which use energy most efficiently. When you have narrowed down your search to a particular brand name and model, then you can shop around for the best price on this appliance. You can also do this research on-line, or you can call local stores and compare prices. Remember to include the cost of running the appliance into your calculations.

Even if an appliance costs more, if it is more energy efficient it will end up costing you less over the long run. For an appliance that you will own and use for many years, this difference can add up to a lot of money.

EnergyStarLogoTo insure energy efficiency in your appliances, make sure they have the EnergyStar Logo.  If you find the more energy efficient appliance is too expensive for your budget, ask the salesman if they have the same product in last year’s model. This way you will be getting basically the same appliance, but at a reduced price. Don’t forget to include the kind of service the store will provide if problems should arise. For many people it is worth it to spend more money in a store that offers better service than a discount store which sends you somewhere else if there are problems.

Modern Appliances Save Time and Money

Where would we be without our appliances? Can you imagine life without your refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, or even something as simple as a blender or mixer? We definitely take these amazing household helpers for granted, but we should realize that what we save in time and tedium we pay back in dollars. Every time we turn on an appliance, we are paying for its use through our household bill for electric and natural gas. On the other hand, the amount we spend is miniscule if we compare how much it would cost in man-woman/hours to do the same job without the electricity. For instance, doing the laundry could take all day down by the river just to do one load of clothing.laundry by the river

With the use of a washer this same chore takes about an hour of time and a tiny amount of electricity. Even if you take into consideration the cost of the appliance itself, when divided over the life of the appliance, which can be 15 or more years of use, it still comes out quite inexpensive to use today’s time and money saving appliances. So the conclusion is certainly that our modern appliances do free us up with more time to do things we find life-enhancing, at a fraction of the cost.

Nevertheless it is still possible to use our appliances more efficiently and save even more time and money by just following a few basic tips.

IDT Energy Suggests Tank-less Water Heaters

031606_tankless_waterheatersNow might be the perfect time to change your storage tank water heater to an energy efficient tank-less style water heater. These water heaters are more efficient than the older style where you have to pre-heat your water and store it in a large water tank, ready to use. According to some natural gas suppliers like IDT Energy tank-less water heaters can be anywhere from 10%-20% more efficient saving that much money on your gas bills by making the switch.

Tank-less water heaters are also space savers, usually only about 2 feet high, 1 ½ feet wide and 9 inches deep. Water is heated almost instantaneously at the moment you turn on the faucet.

Another advantage of the tank-less water heater is that because there is no storage tank there can never be a burst water tank, with the mess and loss of money that goes with it.

If you are in the market for a new water heater, check out the possibility of replacing your old one with a tank-less water heater. It might be a great choice for you and your family.

Programmable Thermostat for Savings

thermostat 2Sometimes, big savings can come in small packages.  This is the case with the programmable thermostat.  Purchasing a programmable thermostat can drastically decrease your energy consumption and add up to great savings each year.  Here’s how:

When you properly set a programmable thermostat, it makes it easy for you to save money by lowering the temperature while you are asleep or out of the house. This means that you’ll be saving money while not sacrificing your comfort in the home.

The thermostat has pre-programmable settings that automatically turn on, and you can save even more with a programmable thermostat that is Energy Star approved.  This is one of the many suggestions that can help homeowners and renters to save money this winter.  IDT Energy wants every customer to have an easy winter and to save whenever possible.