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IDT Energy New York Says, “Insulate Now”!

illust_house_insulate. Good insulation should effectively keep either heat or cold, in or out of your house, depending on the weather (season). The most important places to insulate are the space between the doors and the door frames, around the windows, the attic floor or the roof, crawl spaces, and any other place where the outside air can get in and the inside air can get out.

Take note that only 20% of homes built before 1980 are properly insulated.  Check and see if your older home needs its insulation updated so that you will be more comfortable throughout the changing seasons and also so that you can save money on your energy bills.

Good insulation has the added benefit of reducing the amount of external noise that will reach your ears.  In New York this is definitely an important benefit of insulating your house.

Save Money and Resources with IDT Energy

On this blog we are constantly looking for great tips for our readers to save, save, save. When we think of saving we usually think of saving money as the goal. But this is short-sighted. We are also hoping to actually save the energy itself, because whenever we use electricity and increase the demand for this power, the resources necessary to provide this power are depleted. If the source of the power is fossil fuels such as oil and coal, they are not renewable, and every bit we use is gone forever.

power-plant-new-york-citySo not only is saving good for our household budget, saving electricity and natural gas is good for our planet.

IDT Energy Recommends EERE


As part of IDT Energy New York’s goal of helping people save on their electric and gas bills, we surf around the internet until we find some great web sites with great money saving tips and advice and share them with you.

Check out this cool web site chock-full of ideas to help you reduce your power bill and help save the planet, too.
Follow the link to “Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.” Check it now!

Switch and Save with IDT Energy in New York

Now that New York State is de-regulated for the supply of natural gas and electricity, substantial savings on your energy bill with IDT Energy is just a phone call away.

While Con Edison remains the company which delivers your power, New York customers can switch to IDT Energy for their supply of electricity and natural gas. When consumers do this, they can get great rates and seasonal discounts without having to pay a sign-up fee or any other fee, even if they choose to cancel.  Switching to IDT Energy requires no long-term commitment: you can cancel at any time for no cancellation fee.

Whoever your local utility might be, Con Edison or any other, they will continue to read your meter and send your bill, and service any problems you may have.

If you sign up to receive your energy through IDT Energy through the Switch and Save Program, you do not pay sales tax or gross receipts tax on the delivery of your natural gas and electricity.

Find out what other ways you can save by switching to IDT Energy.