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Free and Easy Summer Savings Tips from IDT Energy

firdge-with-foodIn its ongoing desire to help you save energy this summer, IDT Energy has found some slightly creative ways to help you trim your electric bill.

1.    Quick Cook- The most efficient way to cook your food is in the microwave. It takes 2/3 less energy to use than your stove top. Who’d a thunk it?

2.    Dishwasher Ease- Not only does your dishwasher save you time, it actually uses less water than hand washing. Incredible!

3.    The Cupboard is NOT Bare- Did you know that the MORE food in your fridge, the easier it is for the fridge to maintain the cool temperature when you open the door? I didn’t know that!

We hope you stay cool this summer, without using too much electricity, and IDT Energy wishes its customers and friends a great vacation!

Stay Cool This Summer For Less With IDT Energy New York

Spring is in the air, and in New York that means just one thing: soon it will be summer! Summer is great. Visiting friends, relatives, time off from work to vacation, go to the beach, whatever your heart desires. But in New York we are faced with a special climate which brings hot and humid air into our city, making its otherwise happy citizens distinctly annoyed. How do we deal with this extreme discomfort? Easy. Turn on the air conditioner! From home to car to office to shopping mall, we surround ourselves with cool, dry air, at a huge cost in energy resources.

Not to worry. IDT Energy New York is always on the lookout for great ways to help you save on your electric bill, and we found a few on Frugal Dad.

1.    Keep the room dark with curtains and blinds during the hottest part of the day in rooms that are not in use, like bedrooms, where the light from the sun is not needed.  It would be counterproductive to draw the curtains to keep out the heat to save energy but have to turn on the lights to see.  West facing windows which get the later afternoon sun should especially be curtained.

2.    Allow the hot air that accumulates in your attic a way to get out, either with a fan or a vent, so that the hot air will be drawn away from your ceiling.

3.    Make sure the vent for your clothes dryer is not blocked or clogged with lint. If it is the hot air from the dryer will blow back into your home, adding extra, unwanted heat.

4.    Check your doors’ and windows’ insulation. The strips around the windows and doors can become ruined by the weather, dog scratching, and any other number of ways. The better the insulation the more efficiently your cooling system (and heating system, too) will work.

5.    Compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL) not only save energy by creating light more efficiently than regular incandescent bulbs, they also create less heat. Less heat produced by your lighting means less cooling by your air conditioner needed.

Thanks to Frugal Dad for these great tips.

More Energy Saving Tips From IDT Energy

Air Dry Dishes to Save Energy

Air Dry Dishes to Save Energy

In its relentless search for more ways for you to save on your electric and other energy bills,  IDT Energy has compiled some more ideas on how to start saving, right now!

1.    Turn off the heated drying cycle on the dishwasher and let the air dry your dishes instead.

2.    Did you know that washing your clothes in hot water is not only a waste of energy which is needed to heat that water, but it is also harmful to your clothes?  Wash in cold water whenever possible.

3.    Replace your light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs. They last longer and use less electricity.

4.    Showers are much more energy efficient than baths, and they save water, too!

5.    Products with an “Energy Star” label have met strict guidelines for energy use efficiency as set by the U.S. Department of Energy.

At IDT Energy we are doing all we can to help people save energy and money now and protect our world for the future.

Saving Energy Tips With IDT Energy

Stay Cool!

Stay Cool!

IDT Energy wants you to save on your energy bills with some tips on what you can do right now to achieve this goal.

1.    Get a programmable thermostat which will automatically adjust to keep your house just the right temperature, either comfortably warm or cool.

2.    Not only does it save energy when you reduce the temperature on the thermostat of your hot water heater, it is safer, too. 120 degrees Fahrenheit should be hot enough for just about anyone, without that “scalding effect” you might experience at higher temperatures.

3.    It is more energy efficient to run your dishwasher or washing machine when fully loaded.  Go out and buy more clothes and then you won’t need to do a wash so often!

4.    Keep your electronic equipment hooked up using power strips. When not in use, turn off your equipment with the power strip. This saves your equipment from the constant and wasteful energy draw of “stand-by” mode.

5.    It is incorrect that turning your computer on and off is damaging. Save electricity by turning off your computer when not in use. If you leave your computer for differing amounts of time make sure to set the power save options.

Keeping Cool in New York this Summer with IDT Energy

Summer’s coming and IDT Energy wants you to think about saving on your electric bill. We all know that summers in New York can be challenging when it comes to staying cool, so here’s a simple summary of the basics of saving energy, and keeping cool, too.

It’s always important to keep in mind that there are two aspects to saving, efficiency and conservation:

Conservation refers to how you use energy; do you only use exactly how much you need, or do you leave lights on when you’re not in a room, or let the water run when it’s not in use. Recycling would also come under the category of conservation, because whenever you don’t need to use resources, for instance if you can use paper, glass or plastic over again, you have conserved the resources that would have been needed to produce new paper, glass or plastic.

The other half of the saving equation relies on energy efficiency. This often refers to how well a machine or appliance, such as an air conditioner or refrigerator, turns energy into the form that you need it, such as turning electricity to cold air. Efficiency can also be increased using insulation and other mechanical ways of focusing or directing the effect you want to the place that you want it. For instance, if you want to cool off your living room you can increase the efficiency of your air conditioner by closing curtains to keep out excess sunlight and heat, and closing doors to keep in the cold air. In this way your air conditioner does not need to work as hard to produce the same cooling effect.

IDT Energy wishes you a cool summer in hot New York!

IDT Energy is YOUR energy company

IDT Energy is one of the leading private Energy Service Companies. IDT Energy started with the deregulation of the energy industry in NY State, offering the best prices and a top quality product that offered the many homeowners the chance to make major progress with their energy consumption. IDT Energy offers all the traditional energy products, and like other ESCOs, the existing infrastructure of the Utilities company is utilized for the ESCO’s service, so moving to IDT is simple and easy.

Aside from the cost benefits of the energy itself, as well as the improved service, IDT Energy is committed to Green Energy – IDT Energy cares for the environment as much as it does for your pocket! Currently, IDT Energy has hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers throughout New York State.

All your gas & electricity needs together with your financial and environmental concerns are addressed by IDT Energy.