Want alternative energy? Try pond scum

Energy Resources, Green Energy

Algae, otherwise known as pond scum, is being championed as a new source of alternative energy. In addition to growing very quickly, algae uses as its fertilizer “the very greenhouse gases of carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and ozone that electrical power generators are under increasing pressure to reduce.” In addition, “animal wastes that are increasingly becoming a problem for industrial-scale livestock operations also act as food for the algae.” A handful of start-up companies and countless academic programs are exploring ways to divert gases linked to global warming or animal wastes into systems for growing algae, which can then be processed into ethanol and biodiesel fuels.There are some concerns in the business sector about the financial viability of this venture, but scientists are working hard to prove that using algae as a source of fuel makes economic sense.
Which alternative energy source do you think will emerge as the most successful in 2009? Place your bets now and you will be publicly recognized as being an industry guru (assuming that you are correct, of course).

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