IDT Energy Suggests Tank-less Water Heaters

031606_tankless_waterheatersNow might be the perfect time to change your storage tank water heater to an energy efficient tank-less style water heater. These water heaters are more efficient than the older style where you have to pre-heat your water and store it in a large water tank, ready to use. According to some natural gas suppliers like IDT Energy tank-less water heaters can be anywhere from 10%-20% more efficient saving that much money on your gas bills by making the switch.

Tank-less water heaters are also space savers, usually only about 2 feet high, 1 ½ feet wide and 9 inches deep. Water is heated almost instantaneously at the moment you turn on the faucet.

Another advantage of the tank-less water heater is that because there is no storage tank there can never be a burst water tank, with the mess and loss of money that goes with it.

If you are in the market for a new water heater, check out the possibility of replacing your old one with a tank-less water heater. It might be a great choice for you and your family.