Saving Energy at Home

Homes throughout the New York area often deal with unreasonably high electricity bills. Though some people accept the reality as inevitable, many realize that with a bit of effort they can reduce energy use, and thereby spending. First, consult your energy provider, like IDT Energy. Most companies will be able to assess your monthly use and make several useful suggestions.

Next, ask yourself the following questions from Energy Savers:

  • How much money do you spend on energy?
  • What are your greatest energy losses?
  • Do energy-saving measures provide additional benefits that are important to you, like increased comfort from installing double-paned, efficient windows?
  • How long do you plan to own your current home?
  • How much time do you have for maintenance and repairs?

In addition, simple behavioral changes and habits can significantly reduce energy use in your home. Discuss with family members or roommates, and be sure to stick with new policies.

Energy Efficienct Oven Use: IDT Energy

Conserving energy is a simple, effective way to save money on a monthly basis. Here are some things you can do every day to lower your bills. For more ideas, you may want to contact your electric company, like IDT Energy.

One appliance that uses a significant amount of energy is the oven and the stove. The first way to ensure efficient energy use is by using pots and pans of the correct size. Be sure to match them with the appropriate stovetop elements.
When it comes to preheating the oven, only do so for a limited amount of time as it is really only needed for baking. For reheating food, try using a microwave or toaster instead of an oven. These use significantly less energy. To check the status of the food, use the window as much as possible. Opening the door unnecessarily lets heat escape, and results in increased energy use.

IDT Energy Suggests Energy Saving Products

At IDT Energy we are continuing to explore the many ways it is possible to save energy. The usual focus on saving energy and saving things in general, is to be careful and only use what is needed. We are striving for a conscious effort to reduce waste. We do this when we turn the lights out when we leave a room, or shut off the TV when no one is watching it.

Another approach to saving is less at the user level and more at the product level. In other words, are there products we can use which by their very use help us save energy. A good example of this might be a hybrid car, which gets great gas mileage, not because the driver drives differently, but because the product works differently.

Another example of a product which can save energy merely through its use are heat reflective paint additives, or “pre-mixed” heat reflecting paints. When the special ceramic paint additive powder is mixed into regular paint, the combination creates a ‘radiant barrier’ insulating whatever it is painted on, helping to keep whatever is in, in, and whatever is out, out. So in the summer, the cool air that you paid so dearly for when you turn on your air conditioner tends to leak out of the house less, and the hot air and sunshine beating on the house is reflected off the house by this special paint.

Outdoor Energy Saving with IDT Energy

sunshineWith the longer days and lighter nights, there are some great ways that you can save on your energy bills during the summer months.  IDT Energy wants you to enjoy your summertime fun – and to save money where you can doing so.  Here are quick tips for energy conservation.

Did you know that gas lawn mowers cause more air pollution and smog than do electric mowers?  Look into purchasing an electric lawn mower and enjoy the quieter experience while saving the environment.  While a gas-powered leaf blower gets the job done in your garden, so does a broom in the driveway and a rake in the yard.  They will save you money and offer your neighbors some added quiet.

Make sure to adjust your thermostat so that you aren’t pumping warm air into the house unnecessarily and adjust your outdoor timers to reflect the longer daylight hours.

Modern Appliances Save Time and Money

Where would we be without our appliances? Can you imagine life without your refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, or even something as simple as a blender or mixer? We definitely take these amazing household helpers for granted, but we should realize that what we save in time and tedium we pay back in dollars. Every time we turn on an appliance, we are paying for its use through our household bill for electric and natural gas. On the other hand, the amount we spend is miniscule if we compare how much it would cost in man-woman/hours to do the same job without the electricity. For instance, doing the laundry could take all day down by the river just to do one load of clothing.laundry by the river

With the use of a washer this same chore takes about an hour of time and a tiny amount of electricity. Even if you take into consideration the cost of the appliance itself, when divided over the life of the appliance, which can be 15 or more years of use, it still comes out quite inexpensive to use today’s time and money saving appliances. So the conclusion is certainly that our modern appliances do free us up with more time to do things we find life-enhancing, at a fraction of the cost.

Nevertheless it is still possible to use our appliances more efficiently and save even more time and money by just following a few basic tips.

Clean Clothes, Money Saved

There are many easy and quick ways to save money without even feeling the changes. One such way is to wash your clothing differently. Using just a few new strategies, you can save on your energy bill; a goal that IDT Energy certainly has for its customers.

Make sure to separate out your laundry so that you aren’t drying light weight laundry with heavier items. The heavier items take longer to dry, and you’ll be using more energy than necessary by combining the two. Maintain your dryer to run effectively and efficiently.

After every load of laundry, clean the lint filter. This helps with air circulation and makes the dyer work more efficiently and quickly. Occasionally, you should check the dryer vent and the vent hose to make sure they aren’t blocked and that they are letting air flow without obstruction.