New York’s Great Appliance Swap Out


At IDT Energy we are always looking for ways for our customers to save more: more energy and more money on their utility bills. One great way to realize a lot of savings is by participating in the “New York Great Appliance Swap Out.” the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority is making a special effort this Earth Day to encourage New Yorkers to “Buy Green to Save Green.”

This initiative has already provided almost $13.6 million in help to over 125,000 New York residents to reduce their energy expenses. There is now $3.2 million available to New Yorkers who are interested in replacing their old, energy wasting appliances with models which are brand new, energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

The Swap-Out works by giving consumers up to $555 as a rebate towards their purchase of high efficiency refrigerators, freezers, washing machines and dishwashers. Funding is made available through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA.) All funds will be allocated by the end of the year, and consumers can keep track of how much funding still remains by going to

“New Yorkers can honor Earth Day well past April 22nd by participating in the Great Appliance Swap Out,” said Francis J. Murray, Jr., President and CEO of NYSERDA.

“This program gives consumers the opportunity to replace their old, inefficient appliances with energy-efficient models that will help reduce our carbon footprint, all with the added benefit of a cash rebate. High efficiency appliances conserve energy, lower energy costs, and lessen the impact energy can have on the environment.”

Modern Appliances Save Time and Money

Where would we be without our appliances? Can you imagine life without your refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, or even something as simple as a blender or mixer? We definitely take these amazing household helpers for granted, but we should realize that what we save in time and tedium we pay back in dollars. Every time we turn on an appliance, we are paying for its use through our household bill for electric and natural gas. On the other hand, the amount we spend is miniscule if we compare how much it would cost in man-woman/hours to do the same job without the electricity. For instance, doing the laundry could take all day down by the river just to do one load of clothing.laundry by the river

With the use of a washer this same chore takes about an hour of time and a tiny amount of electricity. Even if you take into consideration the cost of the appliance itself, when divided over the life of the appliance, which can be 15 or more years of use, it still comes out quite inexpensive to use today’s time and money saving appliances. So the conclusion is certainly that our modern appliances do free us up with more time to do things we find life-enhancing, at a fraction of the cost.

Nevertheless it is still possible to use our appliances more efficiently and save even more time and money by just following a few basic tips.

Inside Your Fridge With IDT Energy

fridge schematic

First of all, you should know that refrigeration is based on a simple principle: the evaporation of a liquid to keep things cold. You already know about this principle, you experience it every time you perspire to release extra heat from your body, or cooling off by getting wet.  When the water evaporates off your body, it uses energy by absorbing heat and cooling you off. The effect of putting alcohol on your skin is even better at cooling, because alcohol evaporates at an even lower temperature.

In a refrigerator the liquid that evaporates does so at an extremely low temperature, cold enough to create the icy cold conditions inside your fridge and freezer. If you should be foolish enough to put some of the refrigerator’s coolant on your skin, your skin will freeze as the refrigerant evaporates.

Your refrigerator is made up of five basic parts:

1.    Compressor

2.    Heat-exchanging pipes- coiled or serpentine, found outside the fridge

3.    Expansion valve

4.    Heat-exchanging pipers-coiled or serpentine, found inside the fridge

5.    Refrigerant- the liquid which evaporates inside the refrigerator to create the cold environment of the fridge.

IDT Energy Helps You Keep It Cool!

Have you ever given much thought to how refrigerators work? Here is a brief discussion of how the most important appliance in your home has revolutionized the way we delivery truck

Even though many things taste better cold, like drinks and other foods, the real purpose, and revolutionary effect of refrigeration is to keep foods from spoiling, especially sensitive foods like meat and dairy products. For example, milk would spoil in a matter of hours if left at room temperature, but at the normal temperature of a home fridge, milk can last a week or more. If milk is kept frozen it will last much longer. This is because there are bacteria in food that grow quickly at ordinary temperatures, and if left to themselves they will reproduce until the food is no longer edible. These same bacteria grow much, much less rapidly at extremely cold temperatures, like 40 degrees Fahrenheit (about 5 degrees Centigrade.) At zero degrees Centigrade (32 degrees F) the growth of bacteria is entirely checked.

Without refrigeration we would need other ways to preserve foods, like old fashioned ice boxes, or salting food which also inhibits bacterial growth.

Appliance Energy Usage

Understanding your energy usage, and particularly that of your electrical appliances is essential to properly manage your budget and home expenses, and it is also essential in order to become part of the international efforts in looking after our world.

When an appliance is labeled “X watts” this meant that this is the maximum measure of electricity the appliance uses. While some appliances will indeed use this volume of electricity constantly and consistently, refrigerators, for example, only use the maximum energy consumption when the compressor is running. When the fridge is quiet after having reached its goal temperature, it will simply maintain that temperature and it will then be using far less electricity.

IDT Energy, the New York ESCO, is not merely a supplier of energy, but it is concerned with the environment and your pocket. Therefore, IDT focuses on green energy and on consumer education.