Switch and Save with IDT Energy in New York

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Now that New York State is de-regulated for the supply of natural gas and electricity, substantial savings on your energy bill with IDT Energy is just a phone call away.

While Con Edison remains the company which delivers your power, New York customers can switch to IDT Energy for their supply of electricity and natural gas. When consumers do this, they can get great rates and seasonal discounts without having to pay a sign-up fee or any other fee, even if they choose to cancel.  Switching to IDT Energy requires no long-term commitment: you can cancel at any time for no cancellation fee.

Whoever your local utility might be, Con Edison or any other, they will continue to read your meter and send your bill, and service any problems you may have.

If you sign up to receive your energy through IDT Energy through the Switch and Save Program, you do not pay sales tax or gross receipts tax on the delivery of your natural gas and electricity.

Find out what other ways you can save by switching to IDT Energy.

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