Stay Cool This Summer For Less With IDT Energy New York

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Spring is in the air, and in New York that means just one thing: soon it will be summer! Summer is great. Visiting friends, relatives, time off from work to vacation, go to the beach, whatever your heart desires. But in New York we are faced with a special climate which brings hot and humid air into our city, making its otherwise happy citizens distinctly annoyed. How do we deal with this extreme discomfort? Easy. Turn on the air conditioner! From home to car to office to shopping mall, we surround ourselves with cool, dry air, at a huge cost in energy resources.

Not to worry. IDT Energy New York is always on the lookout for great ways to help you save on your electric bill, and we found a few on Frugal Dad.

1.    Keep the room dark with curtains and blinds during the hottest part of the day in rooms that are not in use, like bedrooms, where the light from the sun is not needed.  It would be counterproductive to draw the curtains to keep out the heat to save energy but have to turn on the lights to see.  West facing windows which get the later afternoon sun should especially be curtained.

2.    Allow the hot air that accumulates in your attic a way to get out, either with a fan or a vent, so that the hot air will be drawn away from your ceiling.

3.    Make sure the vent for your clothes dryer is not blocked or clogged with lint. If it is the hot air from the dryer will blow back into your home, adding extra, unwanted heat.

4.    Check your doors’ and windows’ insulation. The strips around the windows and doors can become ruined by the weather, dog scratching, and any other number of ways. The better the insulation the more efficiently your cooling system (and heating system, too) will work.

5.    Compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL) not only save energy by creating light more efficiently than regular incandescent bulbs, they also create less heat. Less heat produced by your lighting means less cooling by your air conditioner needed.

Thanks to Frugal Dad for these great tips.

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