More Stats and Tips for Energy Savings from IDT Energy

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Here are some more great ideas to help you save money and energy around the house, from IDT Energy.

•    Many electronic appliances, such as microwaves, TVs, VCRs, DVD players and more use energy even when not in use. Together these idle “vampires” consume 5 % of the nation’s domestic energy, costing consumers a staggering $3 billion each year.
•    An average American family spends over $200 on air conditioning. In some places in the southern states households quite easily can spend double that amount.
•    Over the lifetime of an air conditioner, only one quarter is spent on the purchase price. The rest, ¾ of the cost, is spent on running it.
•    Look for the Energy Star when replacing your old air conditioner and save about 20% on your cooling expenses.
•    Home office equipment and other electronic equipment can be powered down with their “sleep” feature to save as much as $70 a year on energy costs.
•    Wash your clothes in warm or cool water instead of hot water to save 80-85 per cent of the energy cost of laundering your clothes. Your clothes will be just as clean, and you’ll be a lot richer.

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