Saving Energy in Office Buildings: IDT Energy

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Lights left on in commercial buildings not only kill thousands of birds each year – they are also a primary source of energy waste. Nearly one-third of all the electricity in the U.S. is used to run those offices, a rate of use that is expected to rise 500% in the next decade. Business employees tend to be less concerned about saving energy in their offices because there is no selfishness component: If you’re not paying, you’re not worrying. But this en masse waste of non-renewable energy sources should be a concern to every American citizen. It’s important for businesses to look at their energy supplier and to see if they can save money by switching suppliers to IDT Energy or another source.  In addition, companies should promote energy saving plans by encouraging a few good habits that will help the office save money – and help our
nation save energy. A few easy tips:

1. Turn off the lights when you go out to lunch. You can go off on your break feeling that you’ve done something good for the environment – and it’ll take you less than one second.

2. Put your monitor to sleep. You need to be awake when you go off to a meeting (or at least pretend to be!) but your monitor can use this time to take a nap.

3. Reuse & Recycle. Don’t be a tree-eater! Don’t print what you don’t need, print double-sided, and recycle the paper you do use.

Saving energy with these easy suggestions will certainly cut down on costs to the office and help the environment.

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