Save on More Than Energy with IDT Energy

IDT Energy, Savings

IDT Energy has recently made some interesting partnerships with the goal of saving customers even more money.  They have teamed with The NIA Group to create “Protection First” so that customers can save money while protecting their homes.

The NIA Group is offering reduced insurance rates for the home, card and other valuable possessions with additional savings if you own a hybrid car.  For your auto insurance, you can save, on average, $500 if you are two adults with one young driver and two cars; for homeowner insurance, they say you can save, on average, $500 for a framed home in the suburbs valued at $500,000 or more.

In addition, the partnership between IDT Energy and The NIA Group enables customers to receive discounted insurance for condominiums, jewelry, collectibles insurance, identity theft coverage, boat insurance, flood insurance and much more.

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