Programmable Thermostat for Savings

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thermostat 2Sometimes, big savings can come in small packages.  This is the case with the programmable thermostat.  Purchasing a programmable thermostat can drastically decrease your energy consumption and add up to great savings each year.  Here’s how:

When you properly set a programmable thermostat, it makes it easy for you to save money by lowering the temperature while you are asleep or out of the house. This means that you’ll be saving money while not sacrificing your comfort in the home.

The thermostat has pre-programmable settings that automatically turn on, and you can save even more with a programmable thermostat that is Energy Star approved.  This is one of the many suggestions that can help homeowners and renters to save money this winter.  IDT Energy wants every customer to have an easy winter and to save whenever possible.

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