Part Three: IDT Energy’s Greener BBQ

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The fuel you use to cook with is one concern, as we have been discussing, but there several other issues to consider before firing up the grill in order to increase the green quotient of your meal.

  • Stick with food that is locally grown and seasonal. The less distance your fruit and vegetables travel to your table, the more energy (and often money) you can save.bbq-drawing1
  • Use a bowl when washing your fruits and veggies before use. This simple act uses less water, and afterward you can use the water again to water plants around the house.
  • With a bit of planning ahead, you can defrost overnight in the fridge rather than immediately in the microwave.
  • Are your guests bringing something along? Ask each guest to bring something different to avoid wasteful leftovers.
  • If you keep your food covered when its outside you can then save them in the fridge for the next day as delicious leftovers.

IDT Energy wishes you and your family a great “end of summer” Barbecue day!

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