New DSIRE Expected in December 2014

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DSIRE Helps Consumers and Businesses Find Great Ways to Save Money Through Saving Energy

The highly useful Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency has been helping people discover a wide range of programs and ideas for saving energy in New York as well as the rest of the US.

A collaborative project of the US Department of Energy and the North Carolina Clean Energy Technology Center, DSIRE is a “comprehensive source of information on Federal, state, local, and utility incentives” which are in place to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency.

As new information becomes available, which is often on a daily basis, the database is updated. Founded in 1995, the database is composed of two searchable subsets: a database for renewable energy and another one for energy efficiency. Searches can be conducted either on the state or at the federal level, and the searches are organized into one of two possible categories: financial incentives; and rules, regulations and policies.

The new database, which will be ready by December, 2014, will offer “significant improvements over the current version.” Those improvements will include: greater data accessibility and a selection of new search tools for users. When December arrives, check it out, or better yet, check it out today.

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