Keeping Energy Costs Down in Summer

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Everyone who lives in South Carolina knows that they need to use their air conditioner a lot during the summer months. It’s a given that the summers will be hot, but what’s not known by all is that one’s IDT Energy or other utility service bills, can actually be cut…and quite easily, while not compromising on minimizing oppressive heat.

According to Robert Grant, Assistant Manager at Lowes, one way to keep bills down is by improving on home maintenance.  This saves money as by doing this, one will not have to redo their insulation or purchase a brand new – and costly – air conditioner.  Indeed, it has been shown that by making some simple changes – such as purchasing a humidifier – one can reduce electricity bills by between 10 and 20 percent.  And, for those trying to avoid insulation renovation, one can utilize a spray-on foam insulation.

Finally, keeping regular checks on the refrigeration and changing filters often, can also lead to large savings.

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