IDT Energy on Keeping Cool without Breaking the Bank

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When the summer starts heating up, it’s very tempting to just crank up the air-conditioner irrespective of the bills you will thereafter receive.  But when you get the bill, you may reconsider – by which time it will be too late since you will have already used all that extra electricity.  That is why IDT Energy has some great saving tips that will ensure you stay cool but don’t break the bank.  One way is to set the thermostat a little warmer for the night times. According to figures from the Department of Energy, doing this can render a 10 percent saving on heating and cooling bills with a mere thermostat change of 10 to 15 percent for eight out of each 24 hours.  This doesn’t even have to be at all complicated either since these days there are various programmable thermostats available which facilitate the process.  Another way of saving money on the bill from air-conditioning usage, is by regularly changing the filters.  An estimated 5 to 15 percent can be saved by doing this.  As well, it will improve the air-conditioning quality and there will be way less noise.

When you next go outside of your house, take a look at the air-conditioning unit from there too.  It’s important to regularly wash its coils and ensure there is nothing that blocks the air follow.  Coil cleaning can result in a 2-4 percent capacity improvement which again will result in substantial financial savings.

IDT Energy has many tips on how to make substantial savings in the summer when it seems like your home electricity is always in use.  You can indeed remain cool without over-spending. You just need to work out sensible ways of doing this.

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