IDT Energy Helps You Save at the Office

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computer-desktopIn addition to purchasing office equipment labeled with the Energy Star, there are several concrete steps you can take to reduce your power consumption and save money.

Here are few ideas:

•    Turn off your machines when they are not in use. This simple suggestion can save large amounts of energy.

•    The AC adaptor from your computer can be plugged into a power strip that can be turned off when not in use. There is a transformer in the AC adaptor that continuously draws electricity, even when the computer is not plugged into the adaptor. You can also merely unplug the adaptor from the outlet when not in use.

•    New computers can be safely turned off without affecting the life of the computer. It is no longer true, as it was in the days of mainframe computers, that never turning over the computer extends the computers life. Nowadays you can safely turn off your computer, save energy, money and nothing will happen to your computer.

•    When you upgrade your computer, consider getting a laptop instead of a desktop. Laptops use much less energy than desktop computers.

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