Free and Easy Summer Savings Tips from IDT Energy

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firdge-with-foodIn its ongoing desire to help you save energy this summer, IDT Energy has found some slightly creative ways to help you trim your electric bill.

1.    Quick Cook- The most efficient way to cook your food is in the microwave. It takes 2/3 less energy to use than your stove top. Who’d a thunk it?

2.    Dishwasher Ease- Not only does your dishwasher save you time, it actually uses less water than hand washing. Incredible!

3.    The Cupboard is NOT Bare- Did you know that the MORE food in your fridge, the easier it is for the fridge to maintain the cool temperature when you open the door? I didn’t know that!

We hope you stay cool this summer, without using too much electricity, and IDT Energy wishes its customers and friends a great vacation!

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