Washing Dishes the Energy Saving Way: IDT Energy

If anybody tells you that using a dishwasher wastes water and energy, you can assure them that, depending on how you use your dishwasher that is simply not true. There are several things that you actually save by using the dishwasher rather than washing your dishes by hand.


Are you surprised? Don’t be. If you only use your dishwasher when it is completely loaded up, the amount of water used will actually be less than if you washed each of those dishes by hand. One researcher found that the difference comes to 37% less water.


For many people, time is money. Certainly in today’s world of two parents away from home all day at work, the time spendt washing dishes by hand could better be used enjoying the company of family and friends, plus numerous other chores which must be done.  As a time-saving device, the dishwasher rocks.


Yes, a dishwasher does use more electricity than washing by hand, but as appliances become more efficient, you might be surprised at how little electricity the dishwasher really needs. After all, most of the electricity, about 80% used by the dishwasher is for heating the water. Whether you hand wash or machine wash, hot water still needs to be made. Also be sure to look for the Energy Star label to ensure you are purchasing the most energy efficient appliance around.

IDT Energy urges consumers to carefully pick appliances best suited to their family’s needs and lifestyles, and be energy smart.

IDT Energy: Electricity Production

IDT Energy suggests viewing the following educational video which describes in clear language and graphics the process of generating and distributing nuclear, fossil fuel and hydroelectric power today.

IDT Energy Suggests Switching to CFLs to Save

On October 22 1879 Thomas Alva Edison had his first successful test of his invention that literally changed the world and the way we live in it, that is of course the electric light bulb. The basic design of the incandescent light bulb has changed little in all this time but today, with our increased awareness of the importance of saving energy, especially electricity, there is a concerted effort to change from the general use of incandescent bulbs to compact fluorescent light bulbs, or CFLs.

The technology for a long lasting and energy efficient fluorescent light bulb was developed by Philips in 1991 when it created a fluorescent light bulb which burned for 60,000 hours using magnetic induction.

IDT Energy suggests to consumers that they consider making the switch to CFLs in their homes and workplaces. There are several good reasons to do this:

• CFLs can last up to ten times longer
• CFLs use only a quarter of the energy
• CFLs produce about 90% less heat than incandescents while at the same time producing more light per watt.

IDT Energy: Laundry Savings Tips

Companies such as IDT Energy know that by introducing a few new habits into your everyday routine, you can easily lower the amount of energy that you use, as well as your electricity bill. Your laundering habits are a good example of such an opportunity. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Do your wash with cold water whenever possible.
  • Be sure to only run full loads, to maximize efficiency.
  • Make sure you don’t overload your dryer. This will cause the dryer to use more energy, and require more time to run. Clothes will also wrinkle and get worn out.
  • For maximum efficiency, use suds savers and front-loading washers.
  • Always adjust the water level according to the load size. This way, you will use less on smaller loads.
  • Overloaded washers don’t clean clothes as effectively, and often requires another cycle.
  • Make sure to clean the lint filter after each drying cycle to maintain efficiency.

IDT Energy Brings Power to Your Door

Have you ever thought about how important electricity is in the world we live? In today’s world we almost take electricity for granted, but if you try and imagine what the world would be like without electricity, you would be startled to know that life as we know it today would be virtually impossible. Another astounding fact is that it has not even been 150 years since Thomas Edison created the first practical electric light bulb in 1879.

IDT Energy is one place where New Yorkers go to get their electricity, helping to power today’s lifestyles.