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IDT Energy Asks: Have You Thought of Switching to Natural Gas?

There are several great reasons to consider switching from oil to natural gas as a way to heat water and run other appliances:

Natural Gas Efficiently Dries Clothes

•    As oil prices climb, natural gas looks more and more cost-effective as a means to heat water and run other appliances.

•    Oil must be paid for in advance, while natural gas in only paid for after use, and only as much as you use, no more an no less.

•    No oil deliveries needed, the gas is constantly available through the gas line that is permanently attached to your home.

•    Natural gas is plentiful, right here in the United States. About 2/3 of our oil supply comes from outside the country. Analysts believe there is about 100 years’ worth of gas right here at home.

•    Natural gas is the method of choice whether you are heating your home, heating water, cooking, and/or drying clothes.

For all these reasons and more, IDT Energy believes consumers should consider making the switch from oil to natural gas.

IDT Energy: Save Energy with a Cool Roof

What is a cool roof? It’s a roof which can make your entire house more energy efficient by reflecting back the heat of the sun rather than absorbing the heat and transferring it into your home. As a result your roof stays cooler and you need less energy from your air conditioning system to keep cool.

Consider installing a cool roof and:

•    Reduce air pollution and smog in your city. Using less electricity creates less of a burden on power plants.
•    Preserve your roof so it lasts longer.
•    Save money on your electricity bill.
•    Minimize the effects of “heat islands” in suburbs, towns and cities.

IDT Energy Ready to Create Genie Energy Subsidiary

An initial registration statement has been filed by Genie Energy, which is a completely owned subsidiary of IDT Energy. The  filing of the statement, which includes a document of description,  is in preparation for the awaited spin-off of Genie and the announcement to the stockholders of IDT Corporation.

It is possible to view the filed statements through the website of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Howard Jonas, CEO and Chairman of IDT Energy explained the decision of his company to create Genie:

“The spin-off of Genie is one of the key strategic moves we announced last year to enable stockholders to realize the inherent value in IDT’s businesses.”